CoCoCara Japanese Language Class

 This class is for assisting foreign residents or who have roots in foreign countries with Japanese language and school subjects. Volunteers help you to study Japanese and school subjects. 

Hamawaki (Nishinomiya-city) Class

Dates: Every Sunday 10:00 am - 11:30 am

Place: 浜脇公民館 (はまわきこうみんかん/ Hamawaki Community Center) 

※Address: 5-14 Hamawaki,Nishinomiya Hyogo (MAP)

Fee: Children(students in high school and below)- Free,  Adults - 200 yen/ lesson


Regarding the activities and schedule of Hamawaki class, we indicate more detailed information on our Face Book and Meetup. If you have a question about Hamawaki class, please send your message to the following Email address.

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 ( Meetup )会話-KAIWA-club/


Ashiya Citizen’s Activity Center (Ashiya-city) Class

Dates: Every Monday 10:00 am - 11:30 am

Place: 芦屋市民活動センター/ Ashiya Citizen’s Activity Center 

※Address: 5-8 Kinmitsuchou, Ashiya Hyogo (MAP)

Fee:  Adults - 200 yen/ lesson